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NLP and Coaching Training in Birmingham

Our NLP courses in Birmingham are as fizzy as the bottle of Champagne we share on the day you complete your course.

Champagne Master Practitioner

When we set up our training site we wanted it to show what we could offer to the people who were searching the web hoping to find the Holy Grail of NLP (or Golden Fleece); so we sat down and chose words or sentences that would put our cards firmly on the table thereby hopefully making the choice easier.

Over the years, as the courses drew to an end, we have asked those attending to give us feedback to enable us to continually refine and improve into the future.

The content of our NLP training courses in Birmingham are live and being regularly updated. The people taking part are from many professions, disciplines, level of experience and of all ages; we are therefore flexible and focused on fulfilling everyone’s training needs to ensure the best experience.

All the people who have given video reviews on our site where asked to give an honest account of their feelings in the knowledge we would share it, whatever. Luckily we have not yet had to pretend we lost the footage!!!


  • People friendly and focused on their needs
  • Competitive in price and value for money
  • Smaller groups to make for maximum involvement and relaxed learning environment.
  • Fun (but not flippant)
  • Always keep the passion in our delivery.
  • Support after course has finished with coaching sessions and CPD’s (Continual Professional Development days)
  • NLP training

Sound too good to be true? Give us a call on 0121 251 6172 and find out if it is; we love a good grilling! BONUS - if you do book on any of our NLP courses in Birmingham after calling us you could receive £100 discount so please do ask.

It is important to know that the person you are talking to is the person who is running the course and therefore able to answer your questions and help you decide if we are offering what you want.

At the very least if you are undecided in any way, or unsure of which of our courses is best suited for what you wish to achieve, we will help clarify.

It would be foolish to think we are for everyone and if we are not, then maybe we can point you to someone else who is.

NLP is the art and science of improved communication and relationships. We deliver that with honesty and integrity. It has positively impacted our work and personal life and can do the same for you.

training venue

Courses: (for details and dates click the links or call 0121 251 6172)

Class size:

  • Classes are a maximum of 8-10 people to ensure the best personal and flexible experience


  • All our courses are in Kings Norton, Birmingham
  • Our newly built training centre has limited on-site accommodation, if required, and situated within a few minutes’ walk of Kings Norton train station
  • NLP training room


  • All our courses in Birmingham are fully accredited by the Society of NLP (SNLP) plus you have the option to join ANLP, AC, ICF and NCHC when applicable.
  • SNLP is the original and longest established accrediting body initially set up by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the co-creators of NLP.

Contact us:

Special Package OffersNLP Training Packages can give you real savings that help to make your NLP journey even more affordable. Believe it or not, its even possible to get your own NLP training for FREE  when you refer friends and colleagues to us, so maybe NOW is the time to take that next step....

Offers include

  • NLP Practitioner + NLP Master-Practitioner

£1495 + £2499 = £3994 = £3000

  • NLP Practitioner + NLP Coach

£1495 + £749 = £2244 = £2000

  • Complete package = NLP Prac + NLP Coach + NLP Master-Prac

£1495 + £749 + £2499 = £4743 = £3500

Refer a friend

Another great way to earn savings is ‘refer a friend’ as we give you upto a 10% discount for every person you refer who books and pays. This could actually mean refer 10 friends and get your training for FREE..!!! Or you could get upto £100 CASH per referral....

Other offers

If you have already completed a Practitioner course, how about NLP Coach + NLP Master Practitioner package £749 + £2499 = £3248 = £2998

Refresher – have you completed your NLP Practitioner and/or Master-Practitioner already?
We offer a discount of up to 70% to attend as a refresher; please contact me to discuss

What next?

Please contact me to discuss further and book your place(s) or pay a £150 deposit, to secure your place, with your credit or debit card using the links below:

NLP Practitioner + NLP Master-Practitioner


NLP Practitioner + NLP Coach


Complete package = NLP Prac + NLP Coach + NLP Master-Prac





Maybe when you think (search) of Lichfield the only thing that comes to mind is the Cathedral which is great if that’s what you are looking for.

However if you are looking for an NLP TRAINING COURSE we can help.

Lichfield is just a few miles down the motorway to our NLP TRAINING CENTRE in BIRMINGHAM  where you will be able to choose an NLP COURSE to suit your needs.

Whether it be for your own personal use, to incorporate within your workplace, or maybe as a tool in a change of career plan there will undoubtedly be something within NLP to interest you.

Maybe you are not sure which path to take, then please call or e-mail us as we always welcome informal chats

NLP as wonderful as we now believe it to be, was at the start of our search for information and Courses as difficult for us as it maybe for you to find a Provider

who you can relate to and who can clarify any thoughts you have about NLP.

Whether you decide to book one of our NLP courses or not, at least you will have a better understanding of what NLP is and what it can do for you.



The MALVERN hills have always been a favourite place for me and the villages surrounding MALVERN  are what English country life magazines seem to represent.

However  living in such lovely places can have some disadvantages when looking to find a base for a particular training course.

Most NLP TRAINING  COURSES for  example seem to be located in large towns or cities as is ours.

It is just approximately ¾ of an hour down the Motorway from MALVERN LINKS to our NLP TRAINING CENTRE in BIRMINGHAM. So no need to be away from the beautiful MALVERN HILLS for long.



The name WOLVERHAMPTON  always reminds me of my teenage years when I dated a WOLVERHAMPTON Football Club fan and spent many Sundays in WOLVERHAMPTON standing on the sidelines of a cold pitch cheering them on.

It wasn’t far to go you can  just nip on the motorway.

So if you are looking for NLP TRAINING COURSES, our base in BIRMINGHAM is ideal for you if you live in WOLVERHAMPTON just about ¾ of an hour to the NLP TRAINING CENTRE.



WARWICK has a lovely Castle and is a really great place to spend a day or two.

It’s not far from BROMSGROVE where we used to live or BIRMINGHAM where we live now and where our NLP TRAINING CENTRE is based.

Just nip on the M42 and you can be with us in around an hour or less.

WORCESTER, STRATFORD ON AVON, EVESHAM are all around the same travelling time from us really so if you are looking for an NLP COURSE, whether it be NLP PRACTITIONER, MASTER PRACTITIONER OR A CPD DAY we are always happy to discuss your needs.



STRATFORD ON AVON is not just about Shakespeare although being his birthplace has over the years made STRATFORD a real tourist attraction.

Stratford is a lovely town to spend a few days in. It has the river walks, barge holidays, the theatre and an abundance of great shops.

It is also only about an hour away from our NLP TRAINING CENTRE in the BIRMINGHAM suburbs, so if you are looking for  NLP TRAINING and you live in the STRATFORD ON AVON area we may be the ones to have a chat with.



Mention BRISTOL and it brings to mind two things for me, the great Bridge it has ,and when I am on my way home from holidays down South, as soon as I see BRISTOL on the motorway sign it means I only have another hour to go to my home in BIRMINGHAM where our NLP TRAINING CENTRE is also based.

So if you are looking to train in any area of NLP and live in BRISTOL we may be the company for you look at as THE NLP TRAINING CENTRE itself is about 15 minutes off 2 Motorway junctions near BROMSGROVE.

Christina Hall, Ph.D.

NLP Meta-Master Trainer

Christina Hall and Mark Peters

A dynamic teacher, who is recognized for her integrity, Caring, in-depth knowledge, ability to model and teach NLP, and for the sense of discovery and fun that she brings into the learning environment, Opening up new vistas of experience and learning.


Christina, a seasoned and respected international trainer, is acknowledged as a major contributor to the development of NLP. She began her NLP training over 35 years ago with the NLP Co- Developers during the pioneering days (1977), and became a Certified NLP Trainer in 1980, followed by certification as a Master Trainer in 1985 and a Meta-Master Trainer awarded to her by NLP Co-Developer, Richard Bandler in 1991. Having spent 10 years working and teaching together with Richard Bandler, Christina has incorporated into her teachings and applications a unique and singular insider’s perspective.

“As always, Chris is empowering... stimulating... challenging... a delight to be with... brilliant and more!"
(Training Manager)

Focusing on a systems and holistic orientation in her work, Christina has become best known for her work with the structures of time and her mastery and innovations in the area of language patterning, an approach which she refers to as “Neuro-Systemic Linguistics.” She collaborated with Bandler in producing some of the most outstanding developments of the eighties, including sub-modalities, the Swish Pattern, the Compulsion Blow-out, temporal language patterns and verbal swishes, and many of the Sleight of Mouth Patterns.

“The learnings I experienced... the tools, skills and knowledge I have acquired will serve me for the rest of my life. Thank you.”
(Management Trainer)

Christina has taught NLP throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Australia and Japan. She is particularly proud to have been part of a 4-person team that developed and successfully implemented, in Croatia, the “Comprehensive Trauma Therapy Intervention”... a humanitarian project for victims of war, jointly sponsored by the German and Croatian Governments.

Christina is also one of the few people in the world recognized by ANLP (Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, United Kingdom) as an accepted trainer of NLP Trainers and Master Trainers, and is one of only 12 people on the planet to have been offered an Inaugural Honorary Lifetime Fellowship of the ANLP in recognition of her skill and contributions to the field.

Christina is very pleased to announce that her first book, "Change your Language -- Change your Life" has been published this past summer in 2008 by Voice Inc., her sponsor in Japan. At present, the book is available only in Japanese.

Since 1983, Christina has been an owner of the originating NLP certifying organization established by Bandler & Grinder -- The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (and all the rights therein). She is also the President of the Society and Director of The NLP Connection (established in 1983). In addition, Christina is also a California State Licensed Psychotherapist, a California Certified Hypnotherapist and holds a Doctorate in Psychology and Neuro-Semantic Linguistics.

“Excellent approach in both theory and practice with valuable exercises and applications directly usable in various forms and situations. Charismatic... ”
(President, Corporate Communications)

Mark Peters is a Licenced NLP Trainer with Christina Hall and the Society of NLP (SNLP). He is currently working towards Master-Trainer status.

For more information on Christina Hall and her work please visit her website by clicking here

Introduction to NLPIntroduction to NLP

(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Introduction to NLP in Birmingham

Do you know what it is?  Some people have heard of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) but are not quite sure what it is or how it can benefit them. Have you been considering a course but not sure where to look, who to choose etc? Rather than listen to bias, now is you chance to find out more and get your questions answered on an 'introduction to NLP day'

Would you like to know:

NLP has made an amazing and unexpected difference in my life, both personally and in the workplace. I first became involved in NLP for 'management of change' whilst working as an Operations Director for a manufacturing company in the West Midlands; my wife became involved as a Practice Nurse in the NHS, dealing with both patient and staff issues. In both our areas, clarity of communication is essential. NLP has been described by its co-creator Richard Bandler as "The study of the structure of subjective experience" which literally means how our decisions are based on our experiences, regardless of how logically or methodically we think we consider them.

What's in it for me?

What is it you want to change or understand and effect more usefully......? Coaching, leadership, sales, training, presentation skills, therapeutic intervention, behaviours, beliefs etc. One of the key presuppositions in NLP is 'the map is not the territory' yet we continue to act as if our map is the territory and become frustrated when the terrain isn't as expected - friends and colleagues don't act in the way we think they should, relationships don't pan out to be as we'd hoped, customers don't buy what we KNOW to be the obvious choice. This is where NLP can make the difference.

The difference that makes the difference

What makes NLP so powerful is that it is based on modelling excellence in each of us and more specifically in key communicators in their field; this is what has taken Anthony Robbins, Paul McKenna, Derren Brown and so many more to the top of their game. Richard Bandler and John Grinder invested huge amounts of time working with Virginia Satr, Fritz Pears, Milton Erickson, Gregory Batesman and many others to bring together what is now known as the field of NLP.

What we are offering?

The aim of this NLP event is not for you to consider booking a more in-depth NLP Practitioner course, it is to introduce you to the core skills of NLP in a way that will enable you to see and experience real application in the key areas that are currently of interest to you. You will then feel more able to make the informed decision of where to go next on your NLP journey.

What will be covered?

Over the day you will learn and get to practice:

  • The 4 pillars of NLP - outcomes, rapport, behavioural flexibility, sensory acuity
  • Eye accessing cues - your eyes say more than you think
  • Anchors and triggers
  • State creation - relaxation, motivation and more....
  • Small words with big meanings
  • Metaphors mean more than you think
  • Persuasive language - how to directionalise outcomes

Too good to be true, what will it cost?

So many people are offering NLP now I'm waiting to see it on rogue traders or watchdog as the field is currently suffering from a number of unqualified practitioners. But please do not judge a field by the work of these few, please seek to understand NLP more clearly.

If you are more informed you can make a more informed decision on how to develop your interests in NLP. We offer 'no pressure selling' just the chance to find out more about this fascinating field.

When is it?

I can run an Introduction to NLP day on-site for your organisation or you can choose to attend one of the dates for the Introduction to NLP shown below.

  • Dates TBA. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I pay the £50

You can choose to pay via creditcard/debitcard(click add to cart button), send a cheque, bank transfer or if your company is paying we can send an invoice.


You can register by completing the form below


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