tai chi for falls preventionTai Chi for falls prevention promotes strength and increased flexibility of the muscles and joints, as well as improved balance in clients who are at risk of falling. This is in line with the recommendations of NICE clinical guideline 161.


Its gentle flowing nature aids relaxation of the mind and body whilst improving agility, proprioception and kinaesthetic awareness. Tai Chi and falls prevention in older people has considerable research evidence; this has been accumulated since 1990 and shows that practicing Tai Chi for falls prevention can ameliorate multiple characteristics in older adults that place them at increased risk of falling, including poor balance, loss of strength, limited flexibility, and fear of falling.

RESULTS: Nine randomized controlled trials utilizing Tai Chi (n = 6), or Tai Chi-inspired exercise (n = 3), were published between 1996 and July, 2007.


The studies varied considerably on study settings, participant characteristics, sample size, type of Tai Chi intervention, length of intervention and quality of the study design. Of the six studies that used Tai Chi forms, three showed significant improvement in fall-related outcomes. One study using Tai Chi-inspired exercise also had a significant fall-related outcome.
October 2007 - Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Willamette University, USA One Day Introduction Course




We offer a one-day tai chi for falls prevention course which is designed to give you a background to our work and develop an understanding in the use of this art as an enrichment/enhancement of your current knowledge.


Key Benefits

  • Improved balance awareness through Tai Chi skills
  • Improved personal awareness and relaxation
  • Introduction to full training program potential

Full Course - Tai Chi for falls prevention is a 8-day course delivered in 2-day modules over the year (3-monthly) which allow chance to review and develop the skills further through the use of experience gained and case study review. This 8 day Tai Chi Diploma course is designed to support patients in both the short term and long term.


Key Benefits

  • Improved balance awareness through Tai Chi skills
  • Improved personal awareness and relaxation
  • Improved postural alignment, breathing and circulation
  • Learn to help yourself to increase your potential to help others

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