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Balanced Approach was formed by Mark Peters and is an Accredited training provider for West Midlands LGA (Local Government Authority), DWP, the NHS and Business Link among others.

Training includes Coaching & Leadership, communication skills, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), train the trainer, stress management, Hypnotherapy training, personal organisation, dealing with violence and aggression and more. 

We listen to our customer feedback so now offer the opportunity to join AC and ICF for additional coaching accreditation

Mark's first experience of NLP was in the field of Change Management and it soon became obvious that ALL developmental work is in fact change management, even if named otherwise, as doing something different requires a development of process and therefore a change of thinking and doing.

In his role as Operations Director, he became involvement in lean manufacturing, 5S, JIT and management of change. This sparked his interest in Coaching and NLP; he now often refers to NLP as ‘Lean Mind Management’ and sees NLP as the key tool to develop personal resilience and improved staff/customer communication and relationships.

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) studies the structure of how humans think and experience the world. From this we can create the opportunity for change. The map is not the territory is the key presupposition of NLP; by appreciating that your map (or how you see/do something) is not the same as another person's map of any given belief or situation. Understanding this removes barriers to effective communication allowing individuals and organisations to develop exponentially.

How it started

I first become involved in NLP in the early 2000’s when I was managing and engineering company. We were restructuring at the time and all I seemed to talk about was “change management”. My wife introduced me to Martin Roberts who specialised in NLP and the management of change (I think she was sick of hearing me go on...)
I met him, read his book and trained with him; the results were amazing as I understood more clearly through the concept of ‘the map is not the territory’. The NLP model fitted me so well, as an engineer, as its systems based (cybernetics).
From there I completed my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner with Bob Spour and Matt Caulfield who are trainers for SNLP (Bandler).
I have since trained with both Bandler and Grinder. I Then trained with Michael Breen on a number of courses including Coaching, trainer training and more. Most recently I completed my Trainer Training with Christine Hall (SNLP) and am in the process of completing my Master-Trainer with her.
For hypnosis, I trained at City Hospital with BSMAH (BSCAH). I then gained accreditation through Stafford University before training in Oxford and becoming a registered Advanced Practitioner with GHR/GHSC and CNHC.

We provide open training courses for NLP in Birmingham as well as on-site workshops and training courses to suit your needs. Mark is currently a NLP Trainer with the Society of NLP and working towards Master-Trainer of NLP with Christina Hall.

A selection of our clients

We have delivered in-house Training Courses for:

• House of Fraser • The NHS
• Loughborough University • De Montfort University
• Aston Business School • nPower
• Severn Trent • E-on
• NEW College  
• SunGard  
• Production Engineering and Research Association (PERA)

The follow are some of the companies that have sent employees on our open training courses:

• Jaguar Land Rover • Johnson Controls
• Northern Foods • CHH CoNeX
• DHL • Strategic Health Authority
• QinetiQ • MNB Precision Engineering
• House of Frazer • Barclays Bank

We have provided consultation services to the following organisations, among others:

• DRP Group • Eon
• Interactive Ward Lovett • Birmingham City Council
• West Midlands LGA  



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